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There are hundreds of uses for ORGO Lite. It’s the perfect every day and travel companion that lets you take items you always use wherever you go. Check out just some of ways to utilize ORGO Lite.


ORGO Lite fits in suitcases, carry-ons, backpacks and more making packing for a trip less stressful.

Hotel Rooms

Don’t play the balancing game with your cosmetics. With ORGO Lite you gain additional workspace over the sink!

Cruise Ship

Give yourself more room to get ready in your cabin’s small bathroom with ORGO Lite’s expandable surface.

Recreational Vehicles

Keep life on the road organized. Store your toiletries, tools, and emergency kits in this innovative case.


Make life more organized. ORGO Lite is the storage solution that adapts to fit your individual lifestyle.

Domestic and International Living Styles

Store everyday items in a sleek and compact carry case that opens up a table to make the most of small spaces.

Metropolitan Living

Get more counter space without the construction. ORGO Lite expands over sinks to reveal usable space.

Arts and Crafts

Store all your arts and crafts in convenient customizable inserts. Keep scrapbooking, jewelry making and kids arts supplies organized and take them wherever you go. The expandablecase creates a flat work space in the car and on the go. 

Dorm Rooms

Make the trip from your dorm to the shower easier with the carrying case that will fit all of your toiletries.

Gym and Fitness Centers

Compact in size, throw ORGO Lite in your gym bag and have everything needed to get ready after a great workout.

Hair Salons

Take your artistry with you, wherever you go. Functional in design, easily store your tools and products.

ORGO Outdoors - Camping, Hiking and Fishing

Designed to be portable and lightweight ORGO Lite keeps your toiletries and safety supplies dry and clean.

And Much More!

First Aid Kits, Medication Organizer, Car Organizer...How will you ORGO?



  • ORGO makes packing a snap. Fits nicely in any suitcase and provides its own counter and compartments which makes access to your toiletries much easier when travelling. Best travel case ever.

    - Kathy R., OH

  • ORGO has eliminated the fear of forgetting essentials and dread of packing!

    - Barbara, MI

  • It has simplified my every day life, I have everything for my daily am and pm routines right at my finger tips.

    - Marlene Y., TX

  • I love my ORGO! It has altered my view of my bathroom counter space, seriously. Living with limited counter space is cumbersome, especially when trying to do hair, makeup, etc. The ORGO adds an entirely new shelf for me in my staging area. I have two sinks on my bathroom counter so I simply open my ORGO over the sink and proceed to style my hair, put on my jewelry, all without the fear of dropping something down the drain. I cannot say enough how much I love my ORGO. The ORGO is the only travel bag that has also assisted me when I am not travelling! It's small, compact, easily stored and fits perfectly into my suitcase. It's terrific and I can't say enough good things about it.

    - Stephanie S., CA

  • ORGO has made getting ready more smoothly, more easy, and less stressful. I'm someone who lives a fast paced busy life and ORGO helps to create convenience during this. Love it!

    - Jordyn T. O., IL

  • Keeping all or most of my products together is time saving. I am no longer searching through several plastic bags for my toiletries . And for peace of mind and budget, anything I keep in my ORGO has not been damaged!

    – Gina P., NY

  • The ease of seeing and storing all of my makeup products has actually kept my bathroom so much cleaner. When it's open, I stand over it to apply makeup; it catches the powder and residue. Therefore, I can clean it as I wish instead of cleaning my bathroom sink and countertop daily!

    - Traci S., MI

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