olga-tight-spaces-illustration-20180208.jpgSo, you probably know by now that Olga’s a little bit crafty. And by crafty, I mean I do indeed LOOOOOVE to do a whole bunch of artsy projects. In fact, I have this cute little corner where I do all my projects. I’ll bet you have something like that too.

Well, let me let you in on a little secret. I’ve Olga-hacked the ORGO to help make my little “corner of craftdom” into a “craftina’s dream.”

I have multiple ORGOs in different colors to store all my craft stuff, like stationery, a sewing kit, buttons & snaps, colored threads, watercolors, jewelry making beads, art supplies, rubber stamps, wrapping kit, and more. I label the spines with my trusty label-maker (I love that thing) and stand them on edge on a shelf to maximize space.

Here’s why ORGO can help you be better in tight spaces:

  • All your stuff is in one predictable place, no more searching through drawers for your favorite glue gun.
  • You can adjust the dividers to make the compartments inside work for anything you want to put in it.
  • All your items are in clear view when it’s open and don’t have to dig through some dusty old box.
  • ORGO can stand on end on a shelf or easily slide in a cabinet or into a drawer.
  • Opens over a sink to create more space (small bathrooms, anyone?)
  • They’re pretty. And that matters.

ORGO, the case that makes being organized easy. Viva la tidy, peeps!