Okay folks, it’s time to get tidy. Here at Everything ORGO, we like to keep our tidiness game face on all year ‘round. It’s okay if you’ve fallen behind on your tidiness game. Olga’s here to help with Olga-ism #15: Ditch the dirt and stay fabulous, babe!

Honey, I get it if you’ve fallen behind. You have places to go and people to see! But nobody wants to see you with clumpy mascara or perfume that has turned stinky! Treating your cosmetic cleanup as a seasonal event makes it easy to do super quick purges and cleanups of toiletries and cosmetics, leaving plenty of time for wine and cheese with your bestie!

Here are a few tips for tidiness:

  • Marry the like: Combine like products into one container and recycle the newly emptied bottles. Tidy and green, Olga likey.
  • Out with the old: Check expiration dates on lotions and cosmetics and toss anything that shouldn’t be used. Items past their date can build up bacteria (and who wants that on their face? Ew.)
  • Take the tarnish out of varnish: Check nail polishes for separation/clumps and toss those that are no longer good (see how to properly dispose of nail polish here.) Olga wants your fingers and toes free of polish that doesn’t look, well, polished.
  • Brush up those brushes: Clean your makeup brushes by rinsing the bristles under water (try to not get it up on the handle - this can loosen the glue). Place a dollop of brush cleaner, baby shampoo, or Dawn dishwashing liquid in the palm of your hand. Swirl the bristles of the brush in your palm. Rinse bristles, squeezing out the excess water with your fingers without pulling too hard. Let brushes dry overnight. Viola!
  • Stock your areas: Refill your vanity containers for Qtips and cotton and stock paper products in each bathroom. The right supplies in the right place screams “organized!”

Of course I like to keep all our beauty supplies in my trusty ORGO year round, even when I’m not on the go. This makes sure my essentials are easy to find and has a safe place for keeping. Olga never loses a thing!

Happy organizing!