Olga the Organizer here with my favorite tip; number 32, if you’re counting. So here it is, Olga-ism, #32: Cruises are big on fun, low on storage space.

You already know this is exactly why I love my ORGO. Olga loves herself some cruises and the ORGO accompanies me on every journey. All your toiletries tucked neatly into their own compartment that expands so you can find more space – even in the middle of the ocean. So once you have that covered, what else do you need to think about to pack smartly?

Well, fellow travellers, arguably the most important thing you bring along with you is the carry on. We’re talking about that one thing, whether it’s a stylish backpack, a fabulous shoulder bag or handy rolly bag that accompanies you onto the cruise ship after you've turned in your other luggage with pierside porters.

Did you know you may not have access to your cabin for a few hours after boarding? Despite the valiant efforts of those friendly porters, your luggage can show up anytime throughout the afternoon and evening. This means the items in your carry-on might be the only things you have on your first day onboard, so you need to plan wisely. And in case of a dreaded lost luggage situation, these may be the only things you'll have all week (gasp)! Well, Olga has assembled some advice for you about the carry on, so here goes:

1. Passport, ID and cruise documents. This is an absolute must! Your docs should be on your person for safekeeping. You will need to present all your official documents before boarding the ship. And, if you don’t have them, you will not be allowed onboard.

2. Credit card and cash. While I imagine you won’t put your wallet in your checked luggage, you'll want it handy as you need your credit card to set up your onboard spending account. Besides, you'll want a few small bills ready to tip the porters who will be taking care of the rest of your bags. Olga’s learned that there is a correlation between good service and tipping.

3. Swimwear. Once onboard, you might not have access to your cabin for an hour or two, and your luggage may not arrive until dinnertime. If you think you're going to want to go for a dip or soak up some sun on the first day, pack a swimsuit, coverup, and flip flops in your carry-on. Olga wants you to squeak every last moment out of your vacation.

4. Camera, cell phone, laptop and other valuables. Big rule: don't pack anything in your checked luggage that you're worried someone will steal. Also, you will probably want your camera and cell phone ready for photo ops and final chats and texts while you can still have land-based (read: free) networks. Olga always recommends a last minute social post about your vacation!

5. Kid stuff. If you’re traveling with the family, you’ll want to carry on anything your kids can't live without if your bags go missing. Things like your baby's bottle, someone’s favorite blankie, or a portable game. Also have extra diapers, wipes and snacks with you. Olga wants you to be prepared.

6. Change of clothes. Since your luggage can take hours to arrive in your cabin, you’ll want to carry on an extra outfit for the first day, in case your bags don’t arrive before dinner. Make sure you know the first evening's dress code before you pack it, though Olga doesn’t think you can EVER be overdressed.

7. Toiletries. This is where the ORGO comes in, darlings. Pop that magical little storage marvel into your carry on. Even though you can buy toiletries onboard, they’re not cheap and they’re not all your favorite brands. Having them in your carry on means you don’t have to risk not having your favorite shampoo, lipstick that makes your pout perfect, or your prescriptions.

Hope this helps as your plan your next getaway. Bon Voyage!