Greetings, Olga’s Army. Have I got a TREAT for you! Today, I had the opportunity to interview certified KonMari consultant, Janine Young, blogger extraordinaire. I’m a big fan of her blog A Young Mum. Young, Janine Young; get it???? She is so clever!!!

Here are the highlights from our convo, which include fantastic tips for being tidy.

Olga: Well Janine, if you haven’t caught on, organized is my #lifegoal. What is the greatest organizing tip you could give someone?

Janine: Keep it simple! Organization is best achieved and maintained when storage and systems are kept simple. While we all love a good Pinterest idea, some can be so complicated in their execution that they are simply not effective.

Here are some suggestions for keeping organization simple:

  • Use what you have on hand first (repurpose boxes, bins, trays)
  • Label contents
  • Be intentional about storing like items together in efficient places in your home

Olga: You’re a KonMari Consultant which has everything to do with organizing once and never having to do it again. This sounds like heaven on earth, please, please, please TELL US MORE!

Janine: The KonMari Method is a truly transformative process and a game changer for organization! Once you complete the first phase of the process, which is to declutter all contents of your home, organizing is so easy. This is because it does not require a lot of effort to organize when the only contents that you have in your home are those that you love and use. I have had a lot of clients tell me that they’ve tried to organize their home for years with no success because they just had way too much to contend with. A minimal amount of belongings to organize and the suggestions I offered in your prior question is what the KonMari Method is all about!

Olga: Life is busy. How do you balance your Young Mum Vlog, KonMari Consulting, and a family of your own? What advice can you give to all the other hard working mommas out there that feel like they might lose their minds?

Janine: I think losing your mind once in awhile comes with the territory of being a Mom! However I’ve definitely found a way to curb it! My planner is my saving grace for keeping everything in check. I sit down to schedule my week ahead each Sunday. Doing this ensures that everything gets done… without the burnout! Print out a simple calendar online, use your phone’s calendar or download an app to keep track of everything you need to do now, but also account for what is coming up. I can’t recommend implementing this enough!

Olga: I love traveling with the kiddos, can you let our readers know how you travel efficiently with your little one?

Janine: My motto is, "a good family trip is only as good as the prep work that goes into it"! Most can relate to the meltdowns that happen, by kids and parents equally, when you don’t have the essentials with you!

I learned early on with my children that packing checklists are an absolute must. Over the years I have refined our essentials down to what works best for us according to the type of travel (car rides, day trip, plane travel) and have a coordinating packing list for each on my computer that I can just conveniently print off. Taking the guesswork out of what to bring and trying to remember if those things actually made it into the travel bag keeps traveling efficient for us!

Olga: Let’s say you’re on a deserted island with your family, and you were only allowed to take your ORGO and the contents in it. What would you have in your ORGO?

Janine: This is easy!

  • All-in-one body wash/shampoo (cuts down on the amount of bottles and can be shared by all family members)
  • Face wipes (for an instant refresh)
  • Deodorant
  • Travel size toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Sunscreen stick (more portable than lotion)
  • CC cream (moisturizer and light coverage - my fav!)
  • Razor
  • Small first-aid kit (because kids…)
  • Wine (because kids…)

Thanks, Janine, for the useful tips and fun chat. Peeps, be sure to check out her blog at: and get your KonMari on.