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ORGO Lite is the Next Big Travel Accessory to Hit the Market

    1. Fill ORGO Lite with every day items in the spacious and adjustable interior.

    2. Store ORGO Lite at any angle - horizontally, vertically, diagonally - the compartments are designed to hold everything in place.

    3. Use ORGO Lite by expanding it fully over almost any sink basin to reveal hidden counter space! it actually creates a place to spread out your toiletries or cosmetics right in front of you!

Made of durable, lightweight material, ORGO Lite is the perfect everyday travel companion for men, women and kids. No matter where you go, you still feel at home with Orgo Lite as the items you use each day are exactly where they are supposed to be. You never leave anything behind, because everything is already there! ORGO Lite fits as easily in your carry-on luggage, as it does in a drawer atop your socks or in the closet atop your sweaters. It truly is the...Smart Solution for Small Spaces!

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Staying Organized in Your RV or Boat Just Got Easier

Travel like a pro with our lightweight expandable organizer for toiletries, cosmetics, make-up and more

Everything Orgo RV We all look forward to that time of year when we can get away from it all; booking trips to far-away lands where the thoughts of work are nonexistent, the stresses of everyday life lift from your shoulders, and you can finally take that deep breath of freedom!

Where will you travel to? Perhaps a week in wine country; Bordeaux or Tuscany; or explore the ancient temples and sandy shores in Bali; or simply appreciate all the fun of travel without having to travel long distances . Many people may not realize what their state has to offer. We get stuck on glamorous vacations to the farthest reaches of the earth and forget that there are so many beautiful places to travel in your own backyard! So pack up the camper, gas up the RV, or set sail on your boat for your next adventure!

Although vacationing is about being relaxed and carefree, the planning and prep for a road or boat trip can be more strenuous than preparing for a flight. You only have so much room to work with, so everything you need has to be as compact as possible. Lists are made and pre-packing begins, along the way constantly adding little things not to forget up until the moment you walk out the door (and you still feel like you forgot something).

Everything Orgo Boat

This is where ORGO Lite comes in to make your travel adventures fast and efficient!

The possibilities for ORGO Lite are endless when it comes to travel. Not only are people using them for toiletries, cosmetics, makeup, and medications, they’re using them as first-aid kits, to organize fishing equipment, store arts and crafts, and for countless other items that may be needed for travel. With ORGO Lite you won’t have to worry about leaving things behind, everything is always in plain-view and perfectly compartmentalized. When you use ORGO Lite your belongings will stay put, whether you hit a bump in the road or a wave on your boat. Along with its organizational benefits, ORGO Lite’s expandable design also saves space, in fact our motto is “Smart Solutions for Small Spaces”. Check out this quick video to see how ORGO Lite works! So keep your mind and space tidy and organized on your next vacation, wherever it may be!

Shop Now to get your ORGO Lite today!

​Go for a Hike with ORGO Lite

Our lightweight, expandable hiking organizer will keep you trekking for miles

Hello to all my adventurous hikers out there roughin’ and toughin’ it in the great outdoors! Mapping out the trails, you are the ultimate navigators; you know just the right trekking pole to use and are experts in every type of back pack stove. I have to give you guys and gals credit. Hiking takes a lot preparation and you have to be very particular with the items you purchase for your adventure.

Whether you are on a hike for a few hours or for a few days, it can be difficult trying to incorporate all of the important things that are vital into a single backpack that you’re carrying. I mean, did you know that there was such a thing as portable backpack stoves?! One needs to be smart about weight, durability and longevity of the hiking gear you purchase for your endeavor.

ORGO Lite is great for this purpose! Weighing less than 2 lbs. ORGO Lite won’t weigh you down. You will be able to fit food packs, sun block, extra socks, ponchos, gloves, any type of first aid items and so much more into your ORGO Lite hiking organizer. The removable inserts make it easy for you to configure ORGO Lite so all your hiking supplies fit and stay in place. It’s compact too, with dimensions of 15x10.75x2.25, it slides easily in to any back pack or hiking bag with room to spare!

What is also great about using ORGO Lite outdoors is the fact that it has a built in counter space. When you need a stable flat surface, ORGO Lite will easily expand to create that for you. No more fumbling through different compartments on or in your back pack, know where everything is and never leave anything behind. You will quickly see that ORGO Lite will be your first aid, nutrition, fire making, and repair kit all in one! Have more room in your backpack or hiking bag for that extra pair of shoes, clothing, bottled water, portable stove, lighting, etc.

You can fit over 3 feet of products into your ORGO Lite. Check out our video to learn how ORGO Lite works or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!  

Going to the Gym? Don’t Forget Your ORGO

Keep your gym equipment, toiletries and cosmetics where you need them, when you need them

ORGO Lite Gym Bag Gym Organizer, Fitness Bag OrganizerWe know all too well the struggle to get to the gym. You make that promise that you will finally reach that peak point of fitness so you can get into that old pair of jeans. You get that gym membership you’ve been thinking about or you join that yoga class or hit that cardio kickboxing. For at least a good month you stay committed but, things happen.

We all lead busy lives, for some of us it’s a job becoming more stressful and you bite off more than you can chew. For others its family, we have to work around each other and it can be very stressful. Schedules need to be kept, so when we can fit in a good work out we are normally looking for what is fast and efficient. And when we need to shower and be ready for the day its best to have everything you need right at your finger tips.

ORGO Lite by Everything ORGO can make your gym experience so much easier. Talk about being fast and efficient! You can make room for anything in ORGO Lite and always know where your items are. It’s slim and compact so it will fit easily in a gym bag, backpack or work bag. You never have to worry about leaving anything behind and stop searching through a huge gym bag. Everything is in plain view and it will create its own counter space for you too! It’s the newest product out on the market and it’s been gaining so much buzz! This extraordinary case has just received the 2016 Innovative Product Award at the Las Vegas Travel Goods Show and is one of the must have organizational cases for home or travel! This is a perfect item to de-clutter that gym bag or any space for that matter. Check it out at !

Things to store in your ORGO Lite:

1.Work out gloves


3.Jump rope

4.Stop watch

5.Work out tape

6.First Aid items


Shop Now: choose between Green with Envy, Black on Black and Paradise Pink!

Everything ORGO Goes Wherever You Travel

Perfect for an RV, Plane, Hotel, or Cruise Ship

Everywhere you go, ORGO! It used to be that we traveled to get away from work to decompress and forget about the hectic work week. It seems that just as many people are now traveling for work. I mean, it’s so common in my life that sometimes I feel like I am living out of a suitcase, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For me if I’m not moving, I’m not working. Now, the exciting part of travel for vacation or work, is all the new places you get to see and new people you get to meet and create great relationships with. You learn about different cultures and really rack up the flyer miles and hotel points!

There are so many great opportunities that come with travel but there is some stress as well. When it comes to packing everything that you need women and men are very different. I don’t know how they do it but men seem to fit everything they need in a single paper bag. Where ladies, lets be honest with  Say good bye to messy countersourselves, we’re over packers! Just because we bring an outfit doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to wear it, we need options. So you and I both know, suitcase space is very critical and can be a bit stressful fitting everything in.

Another source of stress when packing is making sure you have all your toiletries and cosmetics. Our beauty routine in the morning is a bit more extensive than most men. Gentleman, we know you groom your face and hair, so combs, shavers, and creams are important to you too. But women have a few extra items that are a must have in our carry on bags, and how many times have we left the house feeling like we were missing something…and we were.

Once you arrive at your destination you find that all of your makeup and The case that creates counterspace toiletries don’t fit in the small sink areas provided by the hotel. Then, all of your items literally fall victim to the floor, garbage, or toilet depending on how close that is. More added stress that nobody wants.

Bottom line, traveling is exciting but packing can be very stressful. You  need to make sure you remember all your toiletries, then make sure you have enough room to pack them and hope that there is enough space in your hotel bathroom to keep everything you’ve brought organized. On top of all that, there are so many rules and regulations to follow to make sure your toiletries and makeup don’t get tossed by TSA. Well there just so happens to be a solution to all your problems. ORGO Lite! ORGO Lite is designed with the counter space you need right inside the case. It also has compartments that are removable so all your toiletries and makeup are in plain view and it can be configured to your liking. What’s best, is that it is also designed to fit in the smallest carry on or slip into a back pack. With all your toiletries organized in one place, you’ll be ready to go the next time you travel! Check it out on and get yours today!


Everything ORGO goes to Daytona 500 2016Staying organized on the go and in an RV has never been easier

After prayer and a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner sung by the 82 nd Airborne Division Chorus, the famous words were spoken, “Gentleman, Start your engines!” What a spectacle!

First you hear the sound of the engines and you can smell the high test fuel in the air, the grand stands are completely filled and the crowd falls silent. The official waves the green flag and off they go, gaining speeds up to 195 miles per hour. Strategically maneuvering between each other to lead the pack.

This past weekend the Everything ORGO team witnessed the greatest race of the year, the Super Bowl of racing if you will, the Daytona 500. It has made us all new fans of NASCAR! Thanks to great friends, we spent the weekend up close and personal with the drivers and crew, watched as they worked on the vehicles before inspection. We were so close that we couldsmell the burning rubber and high test fuel as the pit crews worked their magic of changing tires and refueling damaged race cars in less than 10 seconds.

The Everything ORGO team was able to give an ORGO Lite to each of the great drivers and their wives and girlfriends, like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Denny Hamlin, just to name a few. We hope they like their ORGO and use it throughout the year as they travel from track to track across the country.

The Daytona 500 draws a crowd of over 250,000 and you wouldn’t believe the number of celebrities that attend! Among the crowds were Cuba Gooding Jr., NDamukong Suh, Gerard Butler, Wyclef Jean, and John Cena. People from all over the great U.S. of A come to see this great race.

NASCAR has the greatest hospitality and the greatest fans, who are extremely loyal. The drivers and their sponsors were also truly amazing people. The team from Richard Petty Motorsports gave us an inside scoop on trailers that the teams have on site. It’s quite the production! Everyone works very hard to make sure the vehicles run to the best of their ability, the drivers and their crews are fast and safe, and they all take the time to say hello and nice to meet you. Oh, did I mention that the drivers and their crews travel almost non-stop for 36 weeks?! They travel in gorgeous motor homes with their families so that they can be near them and the car. Now talk about needing to be organized on the go!

In the end, our friends from the Daytona 500 have acquired new fans in the world of NASCAR Racing. We are truly grateful for this experience and were so happy to be able to showcase our product to the great names in racing along with their significant others. To learn more about ORGO Lite’s NASCAR experience or to get your very own ORGO Lite check us out on social media or visit our website at Vroom Vroom!!

EverythingORGO is transforming the Metropolitan Living Space

Living in small spaces in a big city just got easier and more organized

Mtropolitan Living - Living in small spaces in a big city just got easier and more organized

What are the first things you think about when you hear city living? Well I’ll tell you what I think about, sounds, smells, and small living spaces! Now don’t get me wrong I love city living it has its many perks. Like for instance, being in the center of everything, shopping, nightclubs boutiques, and complex craft cocktails. It also has its downfalls; small apartments, heavy traffic and very little nature. I live in Chicago, much like New York and a lot of other metropolitan areas, where they’ve expanded so much there’s only one way to build and that’s up. It’s a fast paced life with endless things to see and do and millions of interesting people to meet. Where studio and one bedroom apartments ranging from 450 to 700 square feet starting at $1000 bucks a pop is pretty much the standard here. I’ve seen living spaces so small that if you take about fifteen steps you’ve toured their whole apartment. So what I have learned from this is less is best! If its not stackable or storable I’m not buyin’ it. With this in mind, we need to keep things to a minimum it’s a constant out with the old and in with the new trying to keep clutter to a minimum. Since minimalistic design is always in style its easy to find furniture that is compact and multipurpose but what about our personal items? For instance, makeup for women or hygiene products for men? I know for the longest time I have kept bags and bags filled with different makeup products and a medicine cabinet that every time I reach into something falls out. And if you think that sounds awful you should see my boyfriends closet, it’s a wonder he finds anything in there. So, I asked myself how can I maximize the closet space?

And being the very wise young woman that I am I bought us both an ORGO Lite, this case is extraordinary in the fact that it is 1. Very compact 2. Easily helps you to become more organized, AND 3. It creates its own counter space (you gotta check it out its pretty unbelievable). The list actually goes on and on as to why this product is great for tight living spaces, but I don’t want to bore you with more reading so dig yourself out of the clutter and explore at and check them out on social media too!   

Dorm Room Organizer for all your College Needs

Store toiletries, cosmetics, make-up, school supplies and more

Dorm Room Organizer for toiletries, cosmetics, make-up, school supplies and more

It’s 7:45 in the morning, you’ve hit your snooze button fifteen times because you told yourself that today you were definitely going to be up early to get ready for a day of classes that you normally look like the walking dead for. Only you didn’t wake up when you told yourself you would, and that relaxing two hour window you gave yourself to get primped before class, has now been drastically cut down to fifteen minutes. Since dorm rooms are about the size of a pistachio shell, it’s not difficult to reach for what you need, but because it’s college we don’t exactly keep things nice and tidy. Now you’re rummaging through your dorm room, trying to locate papers and books for your class, looking to find clothes that you hope are clean and trying to gather your toiletries that you need to get ready. If you’re anything like I was, you end up spending more time searching for your personal hygiene items than you do using them! You begin to sweat, stepping on brushes, kicking deodorant, and knocking over razors, face wash etc.; grabbing everything that is detrimental to your morning routine, you race to the bathroom and try to set everything around the tiny space the sink provides but your toiletries are constantly falling on the ground and in the sink. Thus, creating a mess that is going to take time that you don’t have to clean up. Don’t you wish there was a more organized and efficient way to be ready in the morning, even when you wake up ten minutes before class?!

I’ve totally been in this position and I am so happy to say that there is finally a product that can solve all these problems that college students struggle with. ORGO Lite is the revolutionary and extraordinary case that creates counter space. You need to see it in action, ORGO Lite extends fully on to your sink or any small surface area revealing a tray in its center that allows you to place your toiletries on. I mean, you’re already losing privacy having to go into communal bathrooms you might as well hold on to what little space you have, right?! And that’s not the only thing that ORGO Lite has to offer. Save time and stop searching, this product provides inserts that keep all your items in plain view. You can literally zip it up, shake it up, open it back up and everything you have is exactly where you left it! This organizational case makes my life way more efficient, I mean, I have a four step facial routine every morning and that doesn’t even include putting my make up on (I know…such a girl!). But I no longer carry three separate bags with me anymore, I have one and it holds everything I need and keeps it right in front of my face.

ORGO Lite, can be used for all your school supplies too! I love this product because there’s just so much you can use it for. Take what you need for class: pencils, pens, calculator, note cards or any other items or devices you may need.

Wake up when you’re ready and have what you need when you need it. ORGO Lite can help you cut your routine in half and make your day more efficient and productive. Its also super compact so go ahead and fit it in your back pack with your books and your four 20 page reports that were all due today, or slide it right under the bed so you’re ready to grab it and go!

Check out the website and do more research on how this awesome product can work for you and your friends! This is definitely smart solution for a small space.



  • ORGO makes packing a snap. Fits nicely in any suitcase and provides its own counter and compartments which makes access to your toiletries much easier when travelling. Best travel case ever.

    - Kathy R., OH

  • ORGO has eliminated the fear of forgetting essentials and dread of packing!

    - Barbara, MI

  • It has simplified my every day life, I have everything for my daily am and pm routines right at my finger tips.

    - Marlene Y., TX

  • I love my ORGO! It has altered my view of my bathroom counter space, seriously. Living with limited counter space is cumbersome, especially when trying to do hair, makeup, etc. The ORGO adds an entirely new shelf for me in my staging area. I have two sinks on my bathroom counter so I simply open my ORGO over the sink and proceed to style my hair, put on my jewelry, all without the fear of dropping something down the drain. I cannot say enough how much I love my ORGO. The ORGO is the only travel bag that has also assisted me when I am not travelling! It's small, compact, easily stored and fits perfectly into my suitcase. It's terrific and I can't say enough good things about it.

    - Stephanie S., CA

  • ORGO has made getting ready more smoothly, more easy, and less stressful. I'm someone who lives a fast paced busy life and ORGO helps to create convenience during this. Love it!

    - Jordyn T. O., IL

  • Keeping all or most of my products together is time saving. I am no longer searching through several plastic bags for my toiletries . And for peace of mind and budget, anything I keep in my ORGO has not been damaged!

    – Gina P., NY

  • The ease of seeing and storing all of my makeup products has actually kept my bathroom so much cleaner. When it's open, I stand over it to apply makeup; it catches the powder and residue. Therefore, I can clean it as I wish instead of cleaning my bathroom sink and countertop daily!

    - Traci S., MI

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