Olga TravelOk, I’ll admit it: traveling is hard. Whether you’re on a boat, plane, RV, or in a hotel, the pain of having to bend like a yogi to be able to get ready in the teeny tiny little bathrooms can sap the joy right out of your morning routine. And, when the day doesn’t start right, things go south from there.

This is where Olga’s – I mean, my – secret weapon comes in. A force of good in the fight against disorder! A light in the dark cave of your carry-on! Never fear, ORGO is here.

This brilliant little case slides open to create precious counter space over a sink! With two zipper pockets and spacious adjustable compartments to fit all your essentials, you’ll be a master road warrior!

Other reasons I can’t live without my ORGO include:

  • It is sized to fit in a standard carry on bag.
  • It stores a ton of stuff!
  • You can store it at any angle and your stuff stays put; no jumbled bag of toiletries and makeup to dig through.
  • Crafted from a wipe-clean surface, it always looks sharp!

So here it is. Welcome to your new favorite travel companion. I think you’re going to like it.