olga-kids-illustration-20180208.jpgMoms, you know what it’s like on a roadtrip with the kiddos, right? “Are we there yet?” “I’m bored.” “Johnny punched me.” “I have to pee.” Sound familiar?

Well, Olga has a secret weapon to combat the “road wigglies”, my term for what happens about 5 seconds after you pack your kids in the car for a long trip.

ORGO, the handy little case, makes a great road trip kit for kids! Fill with small toys, games, snacks, arts and craft supplies or whatever and your kids will be occupied and have a space on their lap to play and stay busy!

Here’s why this is a life-changing use of ORGO:

  • The kids have a small tabletop in the car to play on.
  • The ORGO has plenty of room to hold a variety of things to keep the kids occupied.
  • Different patterns means a different one for each kid - they can pick their own!
  • You can close it up and tuck it away. ORGO fits in a seatback pocket.
  • And kids are messy; so ORGO wipes clean!

A mom-hack to change your life. Order ORGOs for the kiddos today!