Ladies, I’ll put it out there and guess that you have a beauty routine, right? Well, what happens when one of your favorite items can’t be found? That’s right, the sky falls, thunder claps, the room darkens, and your throat tightens!!!!!

Well, no more of that drama when you use the ORGO to organize your beauty routine! This handy little case has ample room for all the potions and doodads you use everyday. Plus it comes in oodles of colors and patterns, so you can choose one that fits your unique tastes. One tool to save the world – or at least organize your life. When your stuff is organized, LIFE IS EASIER. You can breathe. You have more time for yoga. Or a margarita. Olga doesn’t judge.

Here are some of the reasons I love mine so much:

  • All cosmetics kept in one place means no more searching for your favorite “special occasion” eyeshadow. You know you have one of those, girl.
  • All your items are laid out and organized in customizable compartments.
  • Whether you store it flat or upright, all your precious beauty cargo will stay put, so you can put ORGO upright in a cabinet or place in a drawer.
  • And best of all, when you need to be on the go, just throw ORGO in your bag.

With ORGO you’ll feel organized and chic and, chances are, you’ll save yourself a few minutes from rifling through drawers. Welcome to your new clutter-free life. I think you’re going to like it.