Michigan-native neat freaks Diane and Mike are no strangers to travel. Half the year, these business entrepreneurs call hotel rooms, “home”, so they’ve become quite adept at living out of suitcases and coping with the toils of cramped hotel living.

During a business trip in 2013, Diane and Mike were discussing a television show about people with entrepreneurial spirit. Diane threw out the challenge for each of them to take just 60 seconds and come up with their own innovative ideas. Diane considered her biggest travel frustration; lack of hotel counter space with her cosmetics and toiletries continually falling into the bathroom sink. At the end of 60 seconds, Diane expressed her idea and Mike loved it. Mike’s operational brain went into design mode, and the ORGO concept was born.

After teaming up with a product designer, Diane and Mike brought their organizational travel solution to life and began actively selling the ORGO nationwide. Today, ORGO is the smart little case that expands over a sink to give more counter space to road warriors, neatniks and homebodies alike.

Their company, Everything ORGO is committed to finding Smart Solutions for Small Spaces. New products are in the works, all designed to make life simpler, more efficient and just a little tidier, no matter where you find yourself.